Negotiation Study

In this study, you will negotiate with another participant. The study lasts about 60 minutes and pays between $5-$15 depending on the outcome of the negotiation. Due to COVID, we will pay via Venmo or PayPal.

The study takes place in room 1118 PJM Art-Sociology Building. Once you enter the building, you should see an elevator to your right. Take this elevator down a level (select 1F). Now, exit the elevator and take a right. Proceed to the end of the hall. You should now start seeing Group Processes Lab messages directing you to the lab.

Because the study involves a negotiation with another participant, if fewer than 2 participants sign up for a timeslot, we will email you the day before your session to reschedule.

Please click the “Schedule an Appointment” button below and you’ll be taken to our scheduling page. You will need to log into your Google account to make an appointment. The appointment will be added to your Google Calendar. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Thank you again for your interest in participating. We post sessions 2 weeks in advance, so please check back regularly if current timeslots don't work for you.